Kriegsberichter Vol. I



Statement:  We are more interested in spreading our political message than spreading your wallet.

Therefore we encourage people to copy our video and give it freely to their comrades.

People who bootleg our videos and sell them for their own profit and wealth are nothing more than scum.

Profiting off of other peoples hard work.



Runtime: 3 Hours - Color


This is the edition that started it all, and despite not having the filming quality or beautiful editing trickery that are to be found on it's following releases, it does contain some very rare "behind the scenes" footage of Mistreat in the recording studio making their Faith And Fury album, which you will not want to miss.

There are also live performances from Squadron, Stigger, Kraftschlag, Germania, Svastika, and Midgårds Söner. Also included in the original Kriegsberichter are Zine reviews, advertisements, and what I consider to be the best tattoo segment out of all the videos. You will certainly appreciate this volume much more after viewing the remarkable "evolution" that this series has taken through their first few editions, but nevertheless, it is well worth the money!


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Disclaimer: This video is a documentary and should be used for documentary purposes only

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