Kriegsberichter Vol. II



Statement:  We are more interested in spreading our political message than spreading your wallet.

Therefore we encourage people to copy our video and give it freely to their comrades.

People who bootleg our videos and sell them for their own profit and wealth are nothing more than scum.

Profiting off of other peoples hard work.



Runtime: 2 Hours 40 Minuets Color


Do you want to know what is happening across Europe? If yes, then you had better purchase this immediately! THE leading voice of White Power on video is BACK WITH A BANG! It took nearly four months to put it all together and the outcome is definitely the most expensive W.P. video production (so far...). 

We are quite satisfied with the result and we hope that you are too. Compared to the debut issue, we have improved the quality at least 88%.

We are offering you interviews (including tons of concert footage) with:

Brutal Attack
The Nation (a.k.a. Das Reich)
No Remorse
Konkwista 88
SS Totenkopf
Razors Edge
Noie Werte
Skinhead girls
Top 10 Charts
Action report of DNSB,
And much more.........
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Disclaimer: This video is a documentary and should be used for documentary purposes only

This video is banned in many European countries. Please check with your country's Hate Laws before ordering



This video is manufactured and distributed in the United States
and is protected by the U.S. Bill of Rights &  Constitution.