Kriegsberichter Vol. IV



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Runtime: 1 Hours 40 Minuets Color

As if the first three editions of Kriegsberichter were not good enough, volume 4 takes it to an all-new level of professionalism and filming excellence! There are vast amounts of improvement in every aspect of these tapes... everything from the sound quality to smoothness of editing to the incredible animation sequences has been improved upon! When it comes to the White Nationalist music scene, there is nothing as hot or exciting as the Kriegsberichter video series, and Volume 4 is definitely the best! With a run-time of 104 minutes of pure video superiority, Kriegsberichter Volume 4 offers unmatchable collections of interviews and concert footage of:


Bound For Glory
Razor's Edge
Aggravated Assault
Chingford Attack
Ian Stuart
Top 10 lists
Racial cartoons
Skinhead Girls
Zine reviews
Internet review
Red Watch
And lots more....
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Disclaimer: This video is a documentary and should be used for documentary purposes only

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